A Study in Contrasts…

Though loath to make resolutions, I am very fond of goals, greeting each week, month and year with an unspoken list of things I would like to at least keep present in my mind if not actually achieve. Two of this year’s goals are to write more frequent, shorter blog posts and to eat better. But rather than cutting things out–gluten, meat, dairy, sugar–to achieve the latter goal, I am simply trying to strike a better balance by following Michael Pollan’s now familiar edict: eat more vegetables, preferably raw.

Today, when looking through the fridge for something to meet this requirement, I happened upon something quite fantastic: a fennel, carrot and sweet pepper salad with lardons, pecans, onions, tortillas and cilantro. What you do is this: chop up the carrots, peppers and fennel into bite-sized pieces, then saute a few cubes of lardons in a little bit of olive oil; when they become crispy, add the pecans, onions, a couple of corn tortillas cut into small squares, and sprinkle with a little sherry vinegar; fry until the tortillas are browned and toss the whole thing together with a handful of fresh cilantro. Salty and sweet. Hot and cold. Crispy and chewy. A truly delicious if unusual winter salad.

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