Market Share


When I first pitched Market Share to Cult MTL in August 2012, my goal was to seek out the unusual foods that are available to us in Montreal and then figure out what the hell to do with them.

But as is often the case, editorial intrusions forced a shift in focus, from what was unusual and unknown to what was local and available at the Jean Talon market. It was not hard to adapt to this directive, but it meant that many of the foods I wanted to discover no longer fit my mandate.

When Cult MTL decided to focus their energies on folks who do the bulk of their eating at restaurants, I realized that Market Share would have to find a new home. Now it can do both of the things I wanted it to do: celebrate the foods that most of us eat everyday and elucidate the foods that many of us cannot name and have no idea what to do with.

The original Market Share columns are still on-line, so if you want to check them out, please do. What follows is an alphabetical list, according to ingredient:

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